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    My responsibility as a creative director is

    to listen wholeheartedly and translate

    complex objectives into meaningful and

    easy-to-use experiences that people love.


Natalie is a San Francisco based creative director and brand stylist who specializes in user experience and product innovation – specifically in the consumer products and media publishing industry.

Start-ups to Fortune 500

I’ve worked with small, 2-person start-ups to global companies like Sony Music, Playstation, CBS Entertainment, United Airlines, Lexus, Unilever, CNET and CBS News to name a few.

Risk Taker

If you have a product that’s compelling, good for humans and the planet – chances are, I’ll say yes.

Select Projects

Print design

CBS News

Branding / UX

Perricone MD

Branding / Commerce / UX


Branding / Environmental / UX

Sony Music

Branding / Environmental / UX

New York Post

Branding / UX

Wine Club: Sunset Magazine,…

Branding / Packaging / Print design / UX


Branding / UX

Red Tricycle

Branding / UX

How I do what I do

  • My Process
  • Brain Storming

    I work with clients and internal teams to help build a vision around business objectives.

  • Planning & Strategy

    A good strategy is at the heart of all visual communication – across all mediums.

  • Design

    A great design is thoughtful, organized, and authentic to who and what your business is about.

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Latest Posts

An oldie, but goodie: Hiut has the right idea

May 2, 2016
I’ve been a fan of Clare and David for many many years. I was super excited when I heard that they were reviving an old mill (and a forgotten town) in Cardigan Bay (UK). This team is doing everything right. They have a great work philosophy for the company and the community. Aside from making amazingly well-crafted jeans, they also started a lecture/talk series – called “The Do Lectures.” Their goal is bring the DO-ers of the world together – the movers and shakers, the disrupters and the change-makers – and ask them to tell their stories. (typically in some type of magical outdoor, 3-day camping-under-the-stars-experience). If you haven’t heard of them – well, here are a couple of links. Enjoy!

Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity

May 1, 2016
*This is in my top 10 article list. Written by Ivo Dias de Sousa: “Catching the Big Fish” is a brief and charming book about creativity from the point of view of David Lynch. It is full of “gems” about his creative process. Many of the “gems” can be appropriated by people who need to be creative even in a business environment. The reader probably knows some of David Lynch’s films (like “Wild at Heart” with Nicholas Cage and “Blue Velvet with Isabella Rossellini and Kyle MacLachlan) and the famous TV series “Twin Peaks” produced by him. Lynch is also a visual artist and a musician. It is difficult not to admire David Lynch. On one side, he is one of the most iconic and creative filmmakers alive today. On the other side, it is difficult not to admire is persistence and “never give up attitude.”. His first movie (“Eraserhead”) took several years to finish. Basically, David Lynch worked in other jobs to have enough money to film it – when he had money to buy celluloid and other filming material he would go on. “Catching the Big Fish” is a book about creativity but many of its ideas can be applied in other areas of our life. The book is written in a very direct and charming style about his methods for having ideas and developing them. It consists of small excerpts that could actually stand alone well. Many of those excerpts have ideas and concepts that will challenge the mind of the reader. However, those small excerpts make sense together as a whole, without any problem. The view of David Lynch is very hands-on. One of the key points of the message of the books, is that artists should learn by doing. Learning stuff and don’t applying, doesn’t make sense to David Lynch. In a way, if you don´t apply what you learn, you don’t really know it. Read the full story

Updating the site

January 3, 2016
I’m designing and publishing at the same time – pretty crazy, right?  I wanted to try a few things out on the font door and do a quick character count for post length. This is just a test post! Thanks for visiting during my site update – things will settle into place over the next few months. *I’m a one-woman shop for this project so I really appreciate your patience. And feedback is always welcome.

Natalie Hansen Vs. Steamed Artichoke Studio

November 4, 2015
So what’s the difference between the two sites? Not much (except the backend/template). I wanted to learn some new WordPress tricks and dust off the seven year old site. I’ve always wanted to host projects above and beyond my work-work. My work-work and my personal/creative projects are pretty different – the two don’t intermingle very well. So now, Steamed artichoke studio is 100% dedicated to work-work and this site is where I will share work-work AND personal/creative projects (like the items I sell on If you want to see my professional work, please visit Steamed Artichoke Studio