Creative Director

What happens when your dearest friends decide to open a restaurant? Pure magic, that’s what.

Zadin was a passion project for everyone involved. I remember the initial brainstorming “sampling wine for the restaurant” sessions with our friends. After the third brainstorming session, I looked at Bao and asked her “how do you say Family in Vietnamese?” When she said Zadin, everyone in the room just stopped. That was it. Everyone said yeah, Zadin. Of course.

The owners, Bao and Truc (who are also cousins) used family recipes and updated them slightly. I should note that I have Celiac disease and Bao and Truc were sympathetic to my gluten free (GF) needs and decided to make most of their menu gluten free. Zadin became a ‘must visit restaurant’ in San Francisco for people with GF needs. Part of my responsibilities: GF food-tester. Best job ever.

Zadin was open for seven years. It was successful until the last hour they were open. People cried when they closed.

Brand identity
Interior design
Signage (personally handcrafted from recycled wood)
Menus (personally handcrafted from recycled wood)

  • Branding
  • Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Print
  • User Experience