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By Natalie 2 years ago
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Founder + Creative Director + Maker

I wanted to build an online store to sell personal projects (posters, screen prints, housewears, etc). I wanted a hands-on experience with an e-commerce site – building the site, figuring out how the transactions worked – the entire process (everything from sorting out taxes to packaging, shipping and customer feedback. I sampled a bunch of e-comm interfaces and ended up modifying a low-end template via Shopify. Building Nakashento became the “conundrum” that a lot of my smaller clients experience – you just want to focus on making and shipping your products – and at the same time – you want your business to magically run itself. It’s a much bigger commitment when you’re shipping physical goods (totally different than being a freelance creative director!).

*I’m currently in the process of moving my e-commerce site from Shopify to Etsy. The updated shopping experience should be live by the end of Summer 2017. In the meantime, the site is still live and all printed materials are free to download.

Branding, packaging, product photography, e-comm, social media

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