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By Natalie 2 years ago
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Freelance Creative Director (from concept to launch)




Miyoko’s Kitchen is a new small-batch vegan cheese manufacturer located in Fairfax, Ca. I started working with the CEO and Miyoko in her kitchen in January of 2014. There wasn’t a name, or facility or even an identity – just an amazing product that needed to make it to the public. Seven months later, Miyoko’s Kitchen started manufacturing organic, cashew-based cheese. In less than 3 weeks after launching Miyoko’s Kitchen, the company pre-sold over 10,000 pounds of vegan cheese. Their products are pretty amazing!

You can find Miyoko’s Kitchen in almost over 50 grocery retail outlets around the Bay Area.

Brand strategy, naming and identity

Pitch packages for investors (it was crucial that all packaging was made of recycled, non-toxic ink and compostable materials)

Designed and produced interim brand materials: business cards, sales/marketing materials, packaging labels, etc.

Developed packaging RFP with CEO and co-led all agency reviews (final agency choice: Juli Shore Design). I highly recommend this team if you have a packaging project on the horizon.

Designed and launched initial website

Established and published: LinkedIn page, Facebook page, Website and Mail-chimp pages

Interior and exterior design direction (worked directly with CEO and architect) Introduced the concept of adding window displays into manufacturing area, aging room, and entire retail-space wall. This allowed a previously “windowless” space to be brighter/lighter and more inviting to the overall process of vegan cheese making. We transformed a simple space into an inclusive and dynamic experience.

  • Branding
  • Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Packaging
  • Print
  • User Experience